Kaslo main street
Kaslo main street

Life the way you always thought it should be…

Kaslo is one of the hidden gems of the Kootenays. We are a pocket of laid-back tranquility in today’s rushing world. But the air of peace and quiet is deceptive, for you will rarely find a mountain village with so much on the go.

This is nature’s playground, and we do know how to play – on the lake, in the hills, and with each other. Finally a place where you can look people in the eye, get smiles from strangers, and hear the unpretentious stories of life on Kootenay time.

The crescendo of fun around here starts with May Days and reaches a peak with our renowned mid-summer jazz festival on the lake. Of course Kaslo Jazz Etc. is not the only peak. The sun rises over some really big ones across the lake.

When you arrive (how to get here), rest assured that there are plenty of good places to fill your empty stomach and comfortable spots to lay your head at night.

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